New G-rated one (by that I mean description.. if you don’t understand find her last submission) from Emily. I know.. bummer :) ~

Mrs. Magician: Fool’s Paradise

A fairly new(ish) band —- they’re good! If you like this sound, then you’ll be impressed with all their songs because they keep it consistent. If you don’t, then you should probably find a different band to listen to. I want my next band to sound like them. However, I went to one of their shows last year and they have to work on their stage presence —- they looked so nervous. Relax, guys!

Sadly, I do not have a crush on anyone in the band.


Submission for the day by Emily and .. There. are. no. words. 

This is my first pick, not because it’s my favorite BL song, but because JS melts me…down there. He’s a real crooner in this one, and we should give him credit for that. Those drunk eyes…I would cut him just so I could guzzle the tears from those drunk eyes. Can we talk about that flannel? Has anyone ever looked better in a black and yellow flannel?  I bet he could really teach me a thing or two in the sack. He probably smells like a hobo but I’m sure his fingernails are always clean. I’d probably let him drink whiskey out of my V. I’d also cook a nice meal for him. I’m up for anything, really.

Oh, and the song is really good, too.

- sooperbooper

 One more for the night by one of the best mamas around, Marissa … and man, she wasn’t joking about this girl’s voice. It’s haunting. ~

I heard this on 91.5 on my way to hell, sorry, I mean on my way to work. I liked it so much I looked it up when I went home. This chic’s voice is my new favorite thing in the world. I’ve been listening to this song over and again for the past 2 weeks. Wait for the end, when it picks up, it makes me want to jump out of my skin or some shit like that!